Due to the increase in overdoses and instances of substance use disorder seen in Watertown since 2015, W.A.T.E.R.town believes that educating and working with youth will be one of the most effective forms of prevention surrounding substances use.

In the spring of 2016, two steering committees comprised of fifteen High School students and fifteen Middle School students were established. The students embraced the concept of a prevention and education program.  A club charter was established, requiring that members pledge to remain substance free.  It was determined that club members would also attend monthly meetings. Members in good standing would be eligible to participate in club celebrations and participate in a rewards program.  The students established a name for the club; Raiders Against Drugs Society or R.A.D.S.

Students who wish to participate will be required to;

  1. Sign a contract, pledging to remain substance free;
  2. Students will also be required to attend club meetings on a monthly basis.  The meetings will include education on substance use disorder and the encouragement of making healthy lifestyle decisions.

They were attracted to the idea of being recognized and rewarded for living a healthy lifestyle. They expressed the belief that a large percentage of students would participate if it was properly incentivized.

The local business community has responded. To date 18 local businesses are providing card carrying members of the club special deals and discounts. Several other entities are also poised to provide the club with financial and other forms of support. These local businesses have taken advantage of a wonderful opportunity to support our community.

We believe encouraging the young people in our community to maintain a healthy lifestyle is an important mission.

The list of supporting businesses and their incentives can be seen on the Business Partners Page.

Watertown High School Students Pledge to be Alcohol & Drug Free