Town Resources

Watertown Health Department
617-972-6446 |

Watertown Police Department (WPD)
617-972-6500 |

*Jail Diversion Program Clinician, WPD (*Naloxone Voucher)
Melissa Duarte | 617-600-1312

*Watertown Fire Department (*Naloxone Voucher)

Watertown Social Services Resource Specialists 
Jenna Willis | 617-744-9585


Watertown Middle School Resource Specialist
Miguel Colon 617-600-1314 |

Watertown High School Resource Specialist
Kerry Kelley | 617-600-6551 |

Support Groups

St John’s United Methodist Church (BWUMC)
Support Groups
617-926-2931 |

SMART Recovery Family & Friends

Tuesday Evenings, 7-8:30PM | Watertown Police Station, 552 Main St., Watertown
For more information contact:

Prevention & Education

Wayside Multi-Service Center/Watertown Youth Coalition
Offers community-wide initiatives that promote youth mental health and wellness, free from substance use.


Watertown Overcoming Addiction
Community Resources/Education

Improbable Players
Theater for Prevention and Education
800-437-4303 |

Treatment Services 

Square Medical
Outpatient psychiatry and substance abuse treatment
617-916-5069 |

Right Turn
Intervention and Inpatient/outpatient addiction services

877-556-2039 |


Cambridge Needle Exchange Program
Exchanges clean needles and offers a variety of services to injection drug users. 
617-599-0246 |

AHOPE – Boston Needle Exchange
Exchanges clean needles and offers a variety of services to injection drug users. 
800-383-2437 |

Mount Auburn Hospital
Paige Cunningham, MSW, Emergency Room Clinician
617-499-5385 (ER)
617-499-5051 (Inpatient/outpatient addiction services)

617-499-5050 (Social Work Dept.)

Massachusetts General Hospital
Substance Use Disorders Initiative
617-726-3557 |

Advocates Psychiatric Emergency Services
Mental health or addiction crisis help
800-640-5432 |

Wicked Sober
Intervention Services
855-953-7627 |

Spectrum Health Systems
Outpatient Services
781-290-4970 |